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Top Beaches in Goa for Nightlife

Party on at the best beaches in Goa for nightlife
Night Beach Party In Goa

We all know that Goa’s beaches are a true proof of heavenly blessing. The fine white sands, the people, the food, and the warmth of the place is truly remarkable. Being able to experience the best of Goa is a lifetime treasure. Goa is also known as the state to have the best nightlife experience in the whole India. From playing in casinos, dancing with loud music, partying at different clubs or pubs, and enjoying the food and drinks in different beach shacks is definitely Goa’s nightlife signature. Listed below are the top five of the best beaches in Goa for nightlife.


Arambol Beach

This beach is famous because of its undying love to Goa’s culture. Arambol beach has a Music Academy which teaches anybody who wanted to learn classical singing and it also has a Yoga Center. The nightlife in Arambol is active and energetic especially during peak season. There are different beach shacks that offer different variety of food at its best quality. Some of these are Cockstown, Morning Star, and Dream Catcher. If you want to enjoy the night away through partying or clubbing, you can try to visit Psy Bar and Nightclub, Arkan Bar and Restaurant, and Outback Bar.

Baga Beach

This one is really popular for tourists. If you wanted to really have great fun partying and drinking then you should check out the iconic Café Mambo and Club Tito on Tito’s Lane. They have exclusive events for tourists and live DJs. While on Tito’s Lane, you should also visit Cape Town Café. If you want to shop, then you should go to Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar which is situated in the Baga River.  But, the night market is only present between the months of November to April.  If you are looking for the best beach shack to eat seafood with mellow music then Britto’s beach shack is a place to go.

Calangute Beach

As the sun sets and the surroundings gets dark, the nightlife at the famous Calangute beach is just starting. During night time, the life in this beach is getting livelier and bright. Clubs and bars are starting to open as well as the best beach shacks and restaurants. Sportsman’s Bar, Pete’s Bar, Kamaki and Dinky’s are some of the famous bars and pubs in Calangute beach that you need to visit. Simons Place, Chelsea Beach Shack, Rudys Golden Mermaid Beach Shack, and Goan Waves are some of the best beach shacks in Calangute with delicious food and friendly staffs.

Candolim Beach

One of the best places in Goa that offers incredible nightlife for tourists. This beach is the home for amazing bonfires, beach parties, night clubs and bars. Once nightfall started, there’s no escape to enjoy the best out of Goa’s nightlife. There are so many beautiful restaurants that serves different variety of incredible delicious food. Good loud music in different clubs and bars will surely make you groove. Stringfellows Beach Shack, Alex Beach Shack, and Bobby’s Beach Shack are some of the best in Candolim beach that serves great food and drinks. SinQ, LPK Waterfront, and Butter Lounge are some of the best nightclubs, bars and pubs in Candolim that is best when your soul is longing for partying with good and live music and of course drinking until early in the morning.

Palolem Beach

This beach is best for those who don’t like large crowd when partying. The most remarkable thing that makes Palolem stand out is the Silent Noise Party at Neptune Point Restaurant and Bar. This is where party people wear headphones and listen to the music they like in different genre like rock, pop, and EDM while dancing. This activity is a unique kind of partying and it is crowds’ favorite both local and international. Cocktails & Dreams, Leopard Valley, and Dropadi Restaurant are some of the other recognize bars in this beach.


There are so many things that you can do and experience in Goa. Daytime or nighttime, Goa can give you everything you need that will surely make your vacation more memorable. These different activities will truly make you return in Goa again and again. The food, the people, the view, the music, the crashing of waves at the beach and the memories you make here is a pure treasure.


Top Budget Places To Stay When Visiting Goa

10 Best Budget Places to Stay In Goa

Budget Places To Stay In Goa

If you are planning to visit Goa but you are on a tight budget, then you should find an affordable place to stay in. We handpicked some of the best hotels and resorts in different parts of Goa that offer budget-friendly prices but with good accommodation for their visitors. Most of these came from different reviews of foreign visitors who already stayed in the listed places below. You can really gain big discounts to some of the hotels and resorts especially if you made a reservation during the off-season in Goa.

Without further ado, these are the 10 best budget places to stay in Goa.


16 Degrees North (Baga)

It is a chain of boutique hotels and has a 5-minute walk distance from the Baga Beach. It has 16 exclusive suites and a penthouse with a pool and private terrace. You can enjoy different water sports activities in the Baga Beach such as parasailing and banana rides. Price range based on standard room average rates varies from $79 – $125.


Adamo the Bellus Goa (Calangute)

It is a 4-star hotel that has 150 number of rooms. The hotel offers free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking space. The price range varies from $90 to $221 per night. It is famously known as one of the best hotels in Calangute. The hotel also offers a different variety of activities or games to make you feel entertained during your stay in Goa.


Hotel Goan Heritage (Calangute)

It is a 3-star hotel that has 75 rooms. The price range which is based on standard room average rates starts from $73 to $241 per night. The hotel offers free breakfast and parking space, and the hotel is located near the beach.


Marquis Beach Resort (Candolim)

If you want to find a place in Goa where you can escape the chaotic world, then this resort is for you. It is a 3 stars hotel with 42 rooms. It has a restaurant, swimming pool, and a bar. It offers free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking. The price range starts from $79 to $158 based on average rates for standard rooms.

Phoenix Park Inn Resort (Candolim)

It is situated 500 meters away from the famous Candolim Beach. The resort offers free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking space. It also has a gym, spa, and a meeting space with a capacity of 150 persons. The average rate on standard room starts from $62 to $175 per night. It is a 4-star class hotel, and they serve international types of cuisine.


Santana Beach Resort (Candolim)

It is a 3-star hotel which is composed of 50 rooms. The average rate for a standard room varies from $59 to $82. The resort offers free parking, breakfast, and high-speed Wi-Fi. The hotel has two swimming pools. This hotel is ranked number 4 out of 62 hotels in Candolim according to TripAdvisor. The resort is situated near the beach.


La Ben Resort (Colva)

The resort is a 3 to 5 minutes’ walk to the Colva beach, and it has 26 rooms. The hotel is really good for those who have a very tight budget but still want to go to Goa. The price range for standard rooms starts from $14 to $98. The resort offers free parking space. It ranks number 2 out of 16 hotels in Colva according to TripAdvisor.


The Sapphire Comfort Hotel (Margao)

It is a 3-star hotel and has 39 rooms. The hotel offers free parking and free internet. The average price range for standard room starts from $39 to $76. The hotel comes with free Wi-Fi, buffet breakfast and parking space. The hotel’s interior is modern, and it has soundproofed rooms.


Ginger Goa (Panjim)

It has 130 rooms and the price range based on standard average rates for a standard room is $47 to $130 per night.  It offers free parking space and a high-speed Wi-Fi. It ranks number 2 in the best value hotel in Panjim.


Hotel La Paz Gardens (Vasco da Gama)

This hotel’s interior is of modern type and the average price range for standard room starts from $47 to $102 per night. The hotel has a snack bar, Chinese restaurant, sauna, steam room, and an outdoor pool. The hotel has 73 rooms.

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