Best Honeymoon Beaches In Goa – Celebrate With Style

Honeymoon Beaches Goa

Goa has the best beaches in India but they quickly become fall of tourists. If your on your honeymoon you don’t want to talk your new wife to a beach full of shirtless men riding jetskis and drinking moments of beer; being loud and obnoxious. You want somewhere a little secluded but still romantic so you can take in the beauty of Goa while having some intimacy with your partner. At the same time you still want a beach with plenty of fancy resorts and filled with activities.


Mandrem Beach

Mandrem beach, located in north Goa, is one the most beautiful beaches in all of Goa. The beach has a massive sand bar which is perfect to relax on with your lover.

As you spend your afternoon embracing each other as the tide slowly raises eating away at your little island. But don’t worry you won’t get stranded as there is a little bridge connecting the main beach to your little retreat. Cause of this sandbank you have will have less adrenaline junkies riding around and will find yourself by people who enjoy the quiet as much as you. But with the seclusion does not come the lack of quality accommodation.



You will still find plenty, and furthermore plenty that have honeymoon packages available to make your stay that little bit extra special. This is why it has made the top of our list, as it has the best of both worlds, peace and adventure.


Cola Beach

Cola beach is your very own little slice of romantic paradise. You and your newly beloved might have to trek a little to get here but it’s more than worth it.

Cause of the journey this beach is normally very secluded and doesn’t have many tourists. With pearly, white sand and beautiful palm trees this beach is the perfect place to relax and take in the salty sea breeze. If you don’t want to swim in the ocean then there is a lagoon where you can float and relax.

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The lagoon flows into the ocean and is absolutely stunning to look at. The only down fall of this beach is the minimal amount of accommodation but isolation comes at a cost. Book a little earlier than usual however and the accommodation you will get will be nothing less of incredible. Some of the cottages site on the edge of the river providing a fantastic view.

And at night the little forest of palm trees will become littered with ambient lights that are sure to make your night together one to remember forever.


Agonda Beach

Agonda beach might be a bit busier than the others but if you visit there you’ll quickly understand why. This massive stretch of pure, wind sand and its crystal blue water is gorgeous.

You and your love will probably find yourselves spending most your time walking up and down the beach holding hands. If not there are still plenty of facilities and activities that you can sign yourself up for. Due to its popularity you want have any trouble finding somewhere nice to stay.

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As another bonus if you come at the right time of the year then you might even get a chance to watch the turtles hatching. If not then you might still get to see a few pop their head up to say hello as you wander along the beach.

Keep wandering to the ned and you will see some beautiful rock faces that have been slowly weathered away by the restless sea.


Baga beach

Situated on in north Goa lies Baga beach, a beautiful beach with plenty to do. Similar to Agonda you will most likely bump into to plenty of tourists.

However this beach is still awesome with or without the tourists. There’s heaps to do at Baga from parasailing to enjoying the sunset. Speaking of sunsets baga beach is renowned for having one of the best. Spend your days wandering about or trying out some of the watersport.

Then in the evening relaxing with a cocktail while the sunsets vibrant colors. Then when the mood is right head back to your 5 star hotel and make some colors of your own.

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