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Goa Accommodation Staying In Beach Huts



Beach Huts In Goa
Come and stay at these wonderful beach huts in Goa


When you visit Goa, you could just book a hotel and live in room that is like every other hotel room around the world. Or you could try something new, and experience what it’s like to live on one of Goa’s gorgeous beaches. Beach huts have become a popular form of accommodation for tourists. It is not hard to imagine why. You are given the experience of waking everyday to the sound of an ocean breeze, and stepping out your front door just to feel the soft sand amongst your toes.


A beach hut is a small cabin, generally made from palm leaves and fibre walls. They tend to be smaller than a hotel room but, for what they lose in size they make up for in authenticity. Most beach huts still come with a comfortable bed and warm ambient lights. These huts enjoy the fresh, salty air. Perfect if you don’t need a fancy hotel room to feel contempt with your life. If your hut begins to feel a little cramped, then you are just a few steps from having all the space you need!


Goa Beach Huts – Spend Time Outside, While Being Inside…

Besides, who wants to spend their trip indoors anyway. Going to other countries is all about meeting new people and experiencing the local culture first hand. Beach huts are great because you will meet not only other tourists but a lot of locals from the area. Throughout the day you can relax, soak up the water, and bath in the sun.

Then at night, when the atmosphere becomes more alive, you can go for a wander and join in with some of the others around a fire. Maybe while you sip on a cocktail or two.


Wait, feeling hungover after your night of meeting cool people? Don’t worry there won’t be any drills, lawn mowers, trains or and other loud distributions for your delicate mind. Beach huts are very private, only other guest will be wandering around so you won’t need to worry about unwelcomed visitors.

Through the day you can take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere while you nurse your delicate head. Beach huts generally come with hammocks, so you can lie down, bask in the warmth of the sun while you read a book. Or just walk down to the beach and have a sunbath or a float in the ocean. They tend to come with pillows and plenty of day beds so finding somewhere to relax is never too hard.


What to look for in a beach hut…



What’s The Difference Between A Hotel And Beach Hut?

You might be missing out on some of the facilities that come with a hotel such as a pool or a fancy lobby.

But, if you’re staying in a beach hut you’ll realise that everything you need is already there. Being on the beach and away from the city will give you a humble feeling that will make you want to just relax rather than finding things to keep yourself stimulated. Besides who needs a pool when you can just swim in a beach?

Why stare out a window or sit on a balcony when you can lie on your day bed, under the sun, right from your front porch? Beach huts offer you a different way of living but you will find all your basic necessities are still there.


Have you ever noticed that if you get a hotel with friends you all end up in different rooms doing you own thing? Have you ever noticed hotels make you feel separated from each other, Group A lives on floor 3 and group B lives on floor 2, suddenly it’s “no you guys should come to our room, no you should come to ours”.

Staying in a beach hut is different. Although you all are in separate rooms you’ll find yourself only using it when you’re ready to be alone. Why would you want to meet your friends in a cramped space? Beach huts get you out the door relaxing on the beach or sitting around a fire with your friends surrounded by nature instead.

And if you get separated while you’re out exploring in Goa then you have the a massive landmark to find your way home, the beach!

Ultimately Beach huts are great alternative to traditional forms of accommodation. They provide a simplistic, peaceful place to stay and offer a completely different experience. They are one of the best ways to relax and meet new people. I would recommend anybody who is visiting Goa to give them a try.

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