What’s The Weather Like In April In Goa

Month Average Temperature: 29°C 86°F

Month Record High:
33°C 91°F
Month Record Low:
26°C 80°F


April is one of the hottest months in Goa, India.

The month starts with a 29°C as an average temperature and it ends with 29.5°C.

This month is best for those who really wanted to feel the heat of the sun through swimming and sunbathing. If you are planning to become tanner then this month will definitely suit you well.

The sun is out for 12 hours daily with an average sea temperature of 29°C.

The weather in this month is very warm and humid. Rainfalls increasingly happen in April compared to the month of March.

Because of the warm weather, it is recommended for tourists to bring clothing materials that are suitable for the warm weather.

The highest temperature ever recorded in this month of the year is at 44°C.

Beach Huts In Goa
Come stay at these wonderful beach huts in Goa & get out of the direct sun!



There are so many places to explore in Goa.

If you are planning to visit Goa in this month then you must see the amazing view of Anjuna and Vagator beaches when you reach the top of Chapora Fort.

View from Chapora Fort – Goa, India

You can also visit Old Goa and have a look around the different and well-preserved century old churches and basilicas which can be all located in the area.

You are also welcome to taste the food that Jamie’s Restaurant can offer. They serve traditional Indian cuisine and some of the world’s favorite food like pizzas, steaks, and pasta.

Sizzling Ice is a famous restaurant because they serve top quality food at a low price.


Of course, to satisfy your beach lustful soul, you can check out Betalbatim Beach. This beach is known for being a peaceful place and for dolphins sightseeing.

You can also go to Palolem Beach. One of the famous beaches in Goa and is known because of parties and nightlife.