What’s The Weather Like In February In Goa

Month Average Temperature: 26°C 78°F

Month Record High: 31°C 88°F

Month Record Low: 20°C 68°F


February marks the start of rising temperature in Goa, India.

It means that the temperature is starting to get a bit warmer. If you are not a big fan of cold temperature but still wants to spend your day at the beach then this month is a perfect choice.

You can experience ten hours of sunshine daily and a 28°C average sea temperature.

February is an excellent month to really enjoy the benefit of staying out and savoring your day at the beach due to its increasing temperature.

At the beginning of the month, the average temperature is at 24.5°C and it will rise up to 26.5°C by the end of the month.

Relax by the beach on your holiday in Goa
Goa – Just bliss



February is the month for Goa Carnival. It is a festive season celebrated in various parts of Goa for four days.

Goa Carnival - Panjim, 2015

The carnival is filled with different performances such as a love storytelling folk dancing and of course traditional singing. It is a great way to know the tradition and culture of Goa. Apart from that, water sports are also a hit during this month.

Some of the beaches you need to visit are the Mandrem Beach is an enormous beach with a shallow and clean water and it is a great place for swimming.

Chilling at Mandrem Beach #beach #goa #peace #sea #water #waves #vacation

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If you want to be mesmerized by the gift of nature then the Dudshagar Waterfall is for you. The name Dudshagar suits the waterfall which means and looks like a sea of milk when it goes down across the Deccan plateau into the deep green pool.

You should also visit the Portuguese-gothic style Se Cathedral that is committed to St. Catherine of Alexandria and is the largest cathedral in Asia.

Some of the best places to enjoy and savor the food in Goa is the Peter Bar which is for vegetarian and vegan people.

Café Fiori is a great choice if you want to eat seafood and enjoy its modern European cuisine style.