What’s The Weather Like In July In Goa

Month Average Temperature: 28°C 83°F

Month Record High: 30°C 86°F

Month Record Low: 26°C 79°F

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July is still a hot month but since it is a monsoon season rainfall happens more often. Since nobody can predict the weather, rainfall may come by surprise.

You can still find low rates holiday sales during this month.

The average temperature for July is 28°C.

Regularly, there will be six hours of sunshine with an average sea temperature of 28°C. But, it will depend on the weather of the day because heavy rainfall is always unexpected.

In this time of the year, just like in June, Goa is not a busy place and lots of establishments are closed as well as, there will be few to none watersports available during this month.




If you really plan to have your vacation in Goa in July, you can still visit Varca Beach.

Varca Beach, Salcette, Goa, India

Varca beach has fine white sands and there are still shacks operating during this season.

Sunset at Varca Beach, Goa, India

You can still enjoy some of the watersports available just like parasailing.

But the water can get rough so it is advised to take an extra precaution when you are swimming at the beach or doing some watersports activity.

The beach is a quiet one so you will really enjoy your vacation there.

You can also go to Mobor Beach. It is a much livelier beach. There are still a bunch of watersports available such as speedboat rides and bump boat rides.

You can also enjoy biking there.

If you want to eat to a place with a view, you can visit Destination One. It is a restaurant with a bar. They serve seafood, European, and Indian cuisine.

Go with the Flow is also a nice place if you want to enjoy a gazing at a beautiful view while eating. They offer European cuisine style.

If you’re tired of all the beach parties you can spend your day exploring in the Church of St Francis of Assisi and St. Augustine Tower. Two of the most visited places in Goa.

St. Augustine Tower. #Goa

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