Thinking About Honeymooning In Goa?

5 Ways to have a Memorable Honeymoon in Goa

Honeymoon in Goa

Goa, India is a place where romance is in its nature. A place where history is never forgotten and old tales are still told. Gifts from above poured down into its beautiful beaches, bless with fine white and golden sands which result to a breathtakingly romantic scenery that is perfect for its newly-wed visitors. Goa is a famous honeymoon destination in India. Honeymoon in Goa is extraordinary because it offers almost everything you want for a place to have.

From its beautiful beaches, historical structures, rich culture and delicious food that will definitely suit your taste. It is a heaven for you and your partner. Here are some of the things you need to do to make your honeymoon memorable.


Walk on the beach and watch the sunset together

It is not a secret that Goa is really gifted when it comes to its beaches. Goa’s beaches are one of a kind. It is given that you will really enjoy your stay here together with your husband or wife. You can choose whether you want to visit the more energetic and lively beaches in Goa or you want to go to a peaceful and solemn beaches while enjoying each other’s company, walking hand in hand with your partner along the shoreline. You can also watch the magnificent view of the sunset while you are cuddling with each other and enjoying your precious time together.


Visit historical structures

In order to really complete your honeymoon here in Goa, you also need to have a little trip together and visit its historical structures.  Goa is also rich in historical structures built from the Portuguese era. It has historical basilicas, churches, universities, and forts. There is no way that you will not feel complete while having your honeymoon in Goa. By visiting Goa’s historic structures, you can go back in time with your beloved and appreciate the amazing architectural design of different buildings. You can also enjoy taking pictures together and walk hand in hand while exploring the buildings and the view together.

Savor Goa’s best traditional and international cuisine

We all know that marriage is not like eating delicious food and once you bit your tongue, you can just spit it out. But here in Goa, there is no way you can spit out your food because Goa caters food that is suitable to your cravings. If you want to taste some traditional food, you must try chicken xacuti, chicken caldine and of course fresh seafood. But if you miss your home, you can also find restaurants that serve international cuisines like European and Asian food. Goa knows how to make your honeymoon special. You can taste it with every bite of the food that the place offers.


Appreciate Goa’s Culture

Goa is not only rich in historical structures, but it is also a place for an exceptional culture. Goa’s culture has been passed for generations. From their traditional dancing, music, and arts you can really see how they value their past and where they came from. If you are planning to witness a festival in Goa with your partner while you are in honeymoon, you don’t have to worry about it because almost every month they have a festival for different occasions. You too can join the celebration and enjoy the fun at every festival. Thus, making it a good chance to form a good bond with your partner.


Spend more time in each others company

The best thing about having your honeymoon in Goa is the chance to spend more solid and quality time with your partner in life. After all, that is honeymoon is all about. From the lively and peaceful beaches that you can walk together and have real fun with every water sports that you want to try, up to the little strolling that you do to explore Goa’s ancient structures while you are holding each others hand.

You are likely traveling from old to the new world at the same time together. It is proven that Goa is filled with love from its local people and its foreign visitors. Goa is a place where you can start making memorable honeymoon moments together that you will treasure and cherish as long as you live.

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