Best Nightlife Options For Singles In Goa

Tips for an Exciting Nightlife in Goa for Singles


Nightlife In Goa - Alive For Singles
Goa Nightlife

When the night falls, the environment in Goa, India changes rapidly. During daylight, Goa is about beaches and water sports. But when the night comes, the surroundings become livelier and energetic. Equipped with bright lights, loud music, people dancing and casinos, Goa is one of the places who have the craziest nightlife in the entire India. Especially if you are single, you can  experience and live it up in the amazing nightlife in Goa. You can visit different beach shacks to party and meet some locals. It’s not a problem if you are single because there are so many available options for you to choose to have fun and to dance the night away.


Shopping Spree in Night Flea Markets

There are two Night Flea Markets that you need to visit when you are in Goa. These are the Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market and the Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar. Nightlife in Goa doesn’t mean partying alone. You can also do shopping. These two-night markets are really popular especially if you are looking for souvenirs, you want to buy something at an affordable price, or you are a real shopaholic. You can have a good time in this simple night activity. You don’t need a lover to accompany you in doing this. You just need some good friends to keep you safe while traveling.


Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market

This night flea market is well known both to travelers or locals. It is open from 6 in the evening up to midnight every Saturday. You can almost buy every sort of things here. The environment feels a little bit of magical because of live music, food stalls and huge crowd from different countries.

Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar

This night flea market is seasonal because it only exists between the months of November and April. It has a smaller number of visitors compared to Saturday Night Flea Market in Arpora. It is located in the Baga River. It also opens every 6 in the evening until midnight. You can find goods that are also similar to the ones in Arpora Night Flea Market.


Eat and Groove in Goa’s Beach Shacks

Goa has lots of beach shacks that can satisfy your cravings whether it is about food or dancing with great music. Most of the beach shacks in Goa are open especially if it is peak season, but during off season, there are only few who have the courage to operate. You can savor different cuisine types because every beach shack has its own specialty and they serve local and international food.


Bobby’s Shack

This beach shack is situated in Candolim, and it is one of the older beach shacks. The main reason why this beach is famous for tourists is that of its Wednesday Night Barbecue and Sunday Roast. The foods they serve are undoubtingly delicious. You will appreciate the amazing view of the beach while you are eating especially if it is nighttime.


Curlies Beach Shack

This is also one of the famous beach shack in Goa. It is located in Anjuna, and this beach shack is for everybody. This beach shack is considered as everyone’s favorite because of the best quality of food that they serve. This beach shack plays trance music.

Café Del Mar

This beach shack is located in Palolem. It is famous because they serve a large portion of food at a budget-friendly rate and it also tastes like it’s the best. The service they offer is commendable, and the design of the restaurant is impressive and pretty.


Throw Some Cash in Goa’s Casinos

Gambling in Goa is legal. You can find great casinos in this little state of India. If you want some exciting and fun night for your stay in Goa, then you should try playing in different casinos. If you are not a certified gambler but you want to try your luck then do it.


Crown Casino

This casino is one of the best in Goa. They have the most recent technology when it comes to gaming. This casino has an international touch in its interior and environment.


Casino Paradise

This casino is one of the grandest in Goa with a 5,000 square feet space and made all gaming accessible under one roof. You can have a good time in this casino and appreciate the beauty of Goa’s nightlife even though you are a single.



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