Places to See in Goa That Aren’t Beaches

Goa Beaches Are Famous, But Where Else Can I Go?

See a Tiger instead of going to the beach


Goa might be renowned for its high quality beaches but they only scratch the surface of what Goa truly is. Goa offers delicious food, marvelous building, beautiful jungles and incredible wildlife. If your not scared to put on your walking boots then there also some tracks that will reward with phenomenal views and tranquility.

Ballisic of Bom Jesus is nothing short of amazing. Built in 1594 this building is over 400 years old. Don’t worry though it’s looking better than ever. The detail in this building is too much to just glance at, you would have to spend hours exploring to still only get close. The ceiling height is huge and when you first step in you will feel like a mere insect.

As your eyes look up from the marvel floor you will be greeted by an incredible altar surrounded by incredible carvings of temples and our lord and savior, Jesus.

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Not only is this building incredible to look at but it also is home to Francis Xavier’s mortal remains.

There is a shrine you can visit to commemorate him and the shrine itself is incredible to look at. With statues of cherubs and embedded with gems and a beautiful casket.

It took ten years to constructed by 17th century sculptor Giovanni Basstisa Goggini. But if the building is enough art for you then just head up another level and you can check out the Bom Jesus Basilica Art Gallery, home to some works of Dom Martin, a Goan surrealist painter.


While we’re talking about incredible old structures then the next place you should check out is Fort Agunda.


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Originally it was constructed in 1612 to guard against the Dutch and Maratha. Now it has become a major tourist destination for anyone visiting Goa. The fort itself is huge and is located on Sinquerim beach. Here you will find wall that were built to withstand cannon fire and old abandoned lighthouse.

The wall spans out from the fort and across the beach to the Arabian sea. At the end is a little circular lookout which is a great place to take some photos and take in the surrounding area. While you’re there stop and have a to some of the locals and dabble in the history of the fort, I guarantee you’ll learn more than just a thing or two.


If you don’t want to just stare at old structures then maybe you would like one built over millions of years by the greatest builder known to man, Mother nature.

The Dudhsagar Falls is a four tiered waterfall and stands an incredible 310 meters in the air.

If you’re fitter then some over the other tourists then take the challenge and trek to these beautiful falls. It has more than one track leading to it and might prove a little easier to organize then your usual means of transport as this place is a little isolated. But if not you can still take the train or a taxi here but come prepared. There isn’t any water, bathroom facilities or any form of cellular reception.


Speaking of wildlife the next great place to go is the Mhadia wildlife sanctuary. This is a great way to experience the local wildlife and inspect some of their lush flora. The sanctuary spans of 208kms so there is plenty to explore. You will be welcomed by colorful butterflies and singing birds.

You might even stumble across a tiger or an elephant while you’re wandering around. You also be surrounded by trees reaching for the sky and if you dig a little you may find a few waterfalls to admire. This sanctuary is perfect for a chance to get away from the busy tourism and have a journey that is for you, and you alone.

All in all Goa is a place of culture, history and nature. If you don’t want to spend your holiday like every over tourist then the beach shouldn’t be the only thing on your list. There are a massive amount of towns and sights you can explore by traveling in land. So take of your bathers, put on your boots and delve into the heart of Goa.




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