It’s Night In Goa, What Places Should You Go See?

Night Time Adventures In Goa

If you’re a bit nocturnal, and like to spend your nights out and about, then Goa will not disappoint.

Places To See At Night In Goa

If you’re a bit of a party animal, then Goa is full of clubs and bars that will blow your mind. But not everyone likes to just go out and get trashed at expensive night clubs.

Luckily, if clubs aren’t your scene, Goa is also full of delicious cuisine and exciting restaurants. Just touring around the city at night can prove to be a whole new experience.


Bars and Clubs


So envision this, you’ve just got into Goa with your mates and you’ve decided to go out and have some drinks. “We’ll just find some clubs, dance around and have a few drinks”.

You have a quick look and the SinQ isn’t too far away. You’ve heard good things but surely it’s just like every other nightclub.

You arrive and think well it just looks like a hotel, surely this won’t be too crazy. But then you open the door only to be greeted by massive array of colours and a bassline that has now become your new heart beat. But wait what’s that? Is that a POOL!

No that isn’t the Absinth, the SinQ has a pool right next to the bar. And if you like it that much why not stay?

The SinQ has a total of 20 party suites and each room is set up to be your little alcoholic kingdom. The rooms are set up with colourful lights and a superb sound system. Forgot your music? Don’t worry the sound system is hooked directly to the Main DJ console in the club.


This place is built for parting; they even give you a free welcome drink. So whether you want to party all day, or just have an excellent night then I would recommend the SinQ.


If the SinQ just isn’t enough then maybe you should try Goa’ most renowned nightclub, Love Passion Karma or LPK for short.

Thank you to our host Tulip ~ the dream club experience I have been waiting for

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The building itself is an architectural masterpiece. It’s hard to describe how it looks but it almost seems like it was carved out of a giant rock. It is full of hand carved statues of women, faces embedded in walls and a specially crafted dance floor. LPK will not only have you leaving without any motor skills but leave you in awe at its’ sheer beauty.

It’s situated right on the Nerul River which you can admire from the balcony while you sip on a fancy cocktail. Across the river is sign with the illuminated words Love Passion Karma that glistens over the water.



If you’re not looking to party, then maybe you would be interested in sampling some of Goa’s fine cuisine.

Finding a restaurant in Goa is never too hard, simply go for a walk down the beach, and you will be overwhelmed with decisions. A very popular restaurant to try out is Thalassa, located right on Ozran Beach. It’s a Greek-style restaurant so you probably won’t find the best curry here. However, you will find shady palm trees you can sit under while enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean. If you’ve gotten sick of the ocean then don’t worry, Thalassa has some entertainment of its own. Filled with dancers and live music, if the food doesn’t please you then the atmosphere certainly will.

Stuffed Sardine, Thalassa, Goa


If you want to experience more of the local cuisine, then Spice Goa is perfect.

The venue doesn’t come with the same sort of view, but it is clean and well air conditioned, so you will still be comfortable. The staff are friendly and attentive, so you won’t have to scream “waiter”  from across room. But what really sets Goa apart is its delicious food. Serving traditional Goan dishes it won’t be long till your table is packed with dishes. Seafood platter, after seafood platter each one only getting tastier then the last. Words can’t describe the quality of the food but if you love seafood then Spice Goa will be a little slice of heaven.

At the end of the day the best day to experience Goa at night is to just dive head first into it. Exploring the beach and the city at night will leave you full to the brim with food or beer. And if not then you will encounter plenty of fires and colorful lights to marvel in as you wander around the city. One thing is for certain, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time!


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