The Top Honeymoon Spots In Goa

Places to Visit in Goa on a Honeymoon

Honeymoon Couple Visiting Goa India


Some say Paris is known for being the city love, but who ever said it’s the only One. If you’re looking to take your recently, wedded partner on a love journey, then Goa is a great place to celebrate!

You will be able to find yourself a little love kingdom. Take your lover to some beautiful view or why not take them on a little water voyage. Here are some places that honeymooners will love.


Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa


Before you and your new soul mate get down to “business”, then you’re going to need to talk to one first.

Specifically, one that will give you a bed as comfortable as a cloud and treat you as if you were royalty.

And specifically I’m talking about the Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa. With 5-star accommodation and being only 15 minutes from the Dublin airport this is great place to spend your first night of a new life. This place has everything you need to just relax and spend time with each other.

Spend your day relaxing around their incredible pool, don’t worry about finding a spot because it is massive. If you would prefer something a bit more natural then take a stroll through its lush, green gardens or check out their glistening blue lagoon.

When the afternoon comes around why not take your partner for a romantic stroll along the beach while the sun is setting over sea. Park Hyatt Goa Resort is located between Arossim and Utroda beach.

Though you might have a little walk to get there as the resort itself is back a bit from the beach, still nothing too far, and if you have company it will fly by.

It gets better though! Planning a wedding is normally a mess of stress. Afterwards you might need some way to release that stress and while a holiday has that effect it’s even better when you’re getting pampered. Park Hyatt Goa Resort has an award winning spa where you can get yourself a massage and just rejuvenate.


Dona Paula Beach

So you’ve been out and seen the beach a few times now, it’s great but you wouldn’t mind switching it up a little. Goas full of some great beaches but there isn’t one that speaks more for a romantic night then Dona Paula beach.

It’s probably not the best beach for swimming but it has pier you and your partner can stroll down to watch the ocean. But what really sets this beach apart from the others is its’ dark history. The beach was named after the daughter of a Portuguese viceroy, Paula Amaral Antonio.

After falling in love with a local Goan fisherman, but unfortunately the viceroy forbid their love and refused to let them see each other any longer.

Paula couldn’t tackle with a life without her lover so she threw her sell from a cliff and gave her life to the unforgiving sea. After the viceroy so the errors in his ways he erected a statue in honour of their love.


But Goa isn’t all about fancy hotels and long stretches of beach. If you and your dearly beloved want on mix it up a little why not take them on a cruise? And I’m not talking about a cruise where you can’t get alone or just a dinner where you have to leave after.

If you make your way down to Palolem beach you can book your own private yacht for two nights. Picture it, you’re lying on the front of your boat cuddling your lover. A bottle of champagne is on ice and as you watch the sunset. Day turns to night and the stars have come out play all while the sea gently rocks you back and forth.




So if you’re looking for somewhere romantic for then I wouldn’t look past Goa. It has everything you need fo ra good honeymoon. Hotels that will become your private castle, beaches that will melt your eyes and adventures where you can drift away into the world. It might be filled with parties and crazy nights but dig a little deeper and you will find it’s a romantic at heart.

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