What Places Should Youngsters Experience When Staying In Goa?

Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters


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Travelling is always a great experience regardless of your age. But let’s face it an adult’s’ idea of fun compared to a child’s’ are normally two different things. Luckily Goa isn’t just a place for adults, it’s a place for all ages and while there are plenty of places adults would only love, there are plenty of places that will be fun for all ages. Here are some places that the youngsters will love.

The Sahakari spice farms are a great place for the whole family. After paying a small entry fee, you are greeted by beautiful, traditional dancers wearing exciting, vibrant colours. They will guide you around the farm explaining the different spices used in Indian cuisine. So, you aren’t just getting to see something new but are also learning about the local culture. Even the parents will learn a lot! Once you have an idea of the different spices it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. A delicious buffet is also included with your tour filled with traditional Indian dishes. Afterwards, you can check out the workers collecting betel nut palms, or riding and washing elephants for a little extra fee.


Maybe you want to see even more animals, because let’s be honest kids love animals. Take your kids to the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Here they will be able to see monkeys, bears, sloths, tigers and more. If that isn’t enough of a nature fix, then wait it gets better. The sanctuary is filled with natural trails, a watering hole, and a botanical garden so you can wander around and soak in all the native plant life.


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Maybe your kids are more the fish loving kind. well, there are plenty of chances to catch their dose of scaly critters.

Palolem beach is a great place to view some dolphins and the other sea life. You can hire a boat from Palolem beach for a day and go out wildlife spotting. There’s a good chance you will see dolphins, kingfishers, eagles and maybe even a crocodile. And while you’re out on the water, why not take a rod or two and try your luck at catching yourself some dinner? And if that isn’t enough wildlife then for then you can make your way to Agonda to see some turtles.

Agonda beach is the next beach after Palolem heading to Panjim and if you’re lucky you might see a couple of turtles. Although there’s no guarantee but if not you will still have this gorgeous beach to kick back and relax on.

Or why not get even closer to the animals? Take a day trip to Grande Island and have a snorkel around the Arabian Sea. The cruise to the island will be a lovely adventure on its own and once you get their kids will love the bright vibrant colours and intricate patterns of the fish and the coral reef. If you need help arranging it just ask your hotel and they will point you in the right direction.


What else do kids like? Well all kids love things, whether those things are t-shirts or little wooden bikes you can find them all at the Anjuna Markets. Its filled with toys, jewellery, bags, souvenirs and more. It’s a great place for the parents to get their gift shopping done.

Older people can try their luck at haggling while the kids lose their minds on all the colourful junk that is around. It could also be a great way for a teenager to learn their own way around haggling which can be a little intimidating at first. Though be prepared for the heat as shade might be hard to find, take some water with you and also you might want to prepare your wallet.

If you know where to look, there are heaps of attractions for children. Its full of exciting culture and has some place that can be new and exciting to all ages. It has everything from beautiful wildlife to planetarium and exciting excursions. So if your interested in Goa but are worried about what the kids are going to do, then don’t! Because they are going to have a fantastic time!

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