4 Days In Goa – What Places Are A Must To Visit?

4 Day Schedule For Visiting Goa

Not all of us have the time to spend on traveling and vacations. If you’re running short on time you then here is a list of places you can visit to still get experience everything Goa has to offer.

Visiting The Sites And Culture In Goa


Day 1 Beaches

If you’re visiting Goa, no matter how long, you have to get onto the white sand and admire the rolling waves of Goa’s famous beaches. The beach is full of water sports, sun lounges, sunsets and more. You will also find plenty of accommodation and food along the beaches, so they are the best place to unwind from the beach. But which beaches should you visit?

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Dona Paula beach is one though you might find it’s less for swimming and more for exploring. There is a jetty you can walk out on to watch the ocean and be amongst some of the local fisherman.It also has a tragic backstory about two lovers, I won’t go into the story but ask one of the locals and I’m sure they would be eager to fill you in.


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Congulate beach is another popular one, being the largest beach in Goa it’s one you don’t want to miss. Here you will be able to do most your swimming and maybe even get involved in some of the crazy water activities such as parasailing. This beach is also very popular so you will find plenty of tourists here you can meet and have a chat too.

Right next to Congulate Beach is Baga Beach, this beach has a amazing sandbar just off the shore. You can get to it without getting wet as there is a bridge connecting the two.

It’s a great place to relax as the ocean engulfs your little sand island. It is also known for having one of the best sunsets out of Goa’s beaches, so save this one for the end of the day.



Day 2 Churches

On your second day take your chance to experience some of Goa’s famous churches. You might not be religious but whether you are or not the churches in Goa are still a must see before you leave. The building themselves are architectural masterpieces, they are filled with complex details and range from old decaying structures, to more pristine, pure white ones. There are three you should check out if you have the time.


Church of St. Francis of Assisi is one you can’t go pass. Upon entering this church your jaw will immediately drop to the floor. One thing the didn’t do while building this church is pay attention to detail. The walls have carving of temples and Jesus that are just as miraculous as the front of the building.


The next one you have to see while you have a chance is the Ballisca of Bom Jesus. This building is massive, so big in fact that when you step inside and look up at the incredibly high ceiling you will feel insignificant. And the shrine is incredible, I don’t think any words will do it justice the only thing I can say about it is you will not be disappointed.


Day 3 Forts

Now it’s time to experience some of Goa’s famous no religious buildings, namely some of the forts. These are everything you want in a for, span massive area surrounded by old, sturdy walls and filled with history.

One that I recommend checking out is for Aguada. This fort is huge but its biggest feature is the watch tower situated right next to the ocean. And I mean literally, the wall spans across the beach connecting the building directly with the waves.


Aguada fort-Goa


Who said forts need to be in one piece though, Fort Chhapora isn’t. This fort is a remnant of a time long ago. Nature has started growing through the brick work and over the walls. It’s a gorgeous building to see and shows that even the sturdiest things we build can be destroyed with time.


Day 4 Sanctuaries

By now you’ve done a lot of things and you’re a bit exhausted, maybe it’s time to do something a little more relaxed. You might need to keep your walking shoes on but the Mhadei Wild life sanctuary is a great place to unwind. You will find a whole range of wildlife here from colorful frogs to Vicious tigers. It’s a great chance to have a wander around and ponder your trip before you leave.


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