Monsoon Season In Goa – What Places Are Still Open?

Places to Visit in Goa During Monsoon Season

Beauty Of Goa


You might be thinking at this point, I have read all about Goa and it just seems like a place of beaches and sun activities.

Why would anyone ever want to go there in the monsoon? What could you do in Goa while it’s drenched? Well you’re going to be surprised as Goa in the monsoon is completely different, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

In fact you might find it is the experience you’re looking for. It’s cheaper in the off season and the drop in tourism will make it easier to find some seclusion compared to the usual buzzy Goa. You don’t have to just relax though there is still plenty to do in Goa even when is pouring.

Spice plantations

Looking to expand your knowledge of food a little?

Spices, Mapusa market, Goa, India


Well then Goas splice plantations are perfect. Sure you can do this anytime of year but the monsoon is the best time of year. The plantations explode during the monsoon with green, lush plants. For a small fee you take a tour around one of Goas fantastic spice plantations learning about all the different spices and how they are grown.

Afterwards take rest and rejuvenate at the local restaurant. You’ll be treated with delicious, traditional goa delicacies and dishes. It’s a great chance to get a feel for how the spice works with the meal to deliver a flavour like none other.
Tropical jungle


Wildlife Sanctuaries

Speaking of plants, One of the main difference between Goa and Goa in the monsoon is how alive the nature comes. And if you’re looking for a place to go see some then wildlife sanctuaries are a great place to check out is Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Ranging about 208km2 You can for adventure exploring all the little critters who live here.

There are plenty of colorful frogs, complicated butterflies and elegant birds. If you’re lucky you might see more than the “regular” wildlife.

You might see a gorgeous Bengal tigers as Mhadie is known for having a large population. In fact it’s soon to be a part of Project Tiger Reserve, so don’t get to close because you might risk hurting these delicate creatures. Or maybe you’re risking them hurting you. Either way its sure to be a great experience.


The Dudhsagar Falls

With all the rain the streams and rivers are flowing at mass capacity. And where’s the best place to see water flowing like crazy? Well at a waterfall of course, and to name a good one The Dudhsagar Falls are sure to be a sight to behold in the middle of monsoon season.

Standing a massive 301 meters tall with silky, white water pouring down only to be fueled by canals that have been carved out by the rain over millions of years. There’s a beautiful old rail bridge you can check out and the place is surrounded by dense, lush foliage.



You get here the easy way and catch a bus, but why not put those legs to work and choose your own path. There are 4 different tracks you can trek along to get here. Each will take you through beautiful jungle and stunning landscapes. Make sure you take some water though because you won’t find a convenient store on your way up.


Soa Joao Fertility Feast

Some people think that the party in Goa ends with the start of the monsoon. Maybe all the “get drunk with other tourist” parties have ended but don’t look past the locals they still know how to throw a rocking shindig.

Every year during the monsoon the locals of Goa throw a Fertility Feast of Saint John the Baptist. If you’re not religious don’t worry you will still have a fantastic time here. It filled with color, flowers, men jumping down wells and people floating down the river on a raft while they sing and dance their troubles away. Not too mention the feast!


So goa isn’t all about beaches and sun, its has something to offer everyone all year round. The monsoon season is perfect if you’re not looking for a cheap party and just want to frolic through nature while admiring the complicated circle of life and losing your breath to some of Goa’s beautiful sights.


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