What Places Should You And Your Girlfriend Visit In Goa?

Taking a girlfriend on vacation is always an interesting one. You’re serious enough yet that you want the chance to show her some romance, but at the same time you’re not serious enough to spend your whole holiday that way. You want to still be able to get out, party a little and just hang out like you would with a friend.

Places To Bring Your Girlfriend in Goa
There are many romantic spots in Goa – Why not take your girlfriend!


Luckily Goa can give you the best of both worlds. From adrenaline rushing water sports, to a romantic views you’ll find plenty of places to take your girl friend as a lover and a friend.

I’ll start with some romantic places I think your girlfriend will love. And first on my list would have to be Dona Paula beach. This beach is a great place to take your girlfriend for a leisurely stroll. The beach has a pier where you can hold hands together and ponder the world while you watch the over.

Though you might want to ponder something a little romantic, say the nature of love.



Dona Paula has a dark history involving its own real life romeo and juliet. The beach is named after a daughter of a portuguese viceroy. She fell in love with a local goan fisherman, a simple man, but when the viceroy found out he put an end to their love by refusing her the right to see her lover. The thought of a life without him was to much to bear so she ended her life where the sea ends by the cliffs.

It seems dark but it speaks a lot about the strength and beauty of love. If you don’t believe me then the disbelief is probably founded as it could only be a myth. But who cares if it happened or not?

You’ll find a statue of here near the shoreline that was erected when the viceroy realized the error of his ways to celebrate the love the two once have.


This article wouldn’t be worth looking at if I didn’t mention at least one of Goa’s famous beaches.


Specifically Baga Beach and although this isn’t the most romantic beach in the world it’s certainly high on the list. This has one of the best sunsets in Goa, and even better it has a sandbar island you can watch it all from. The sandbar can be reached by a bridge and is a great place to sip away on a coconut cocktail, whispering secrets into each others ears. The tide will roll in around your but don’t worry your little refuge will keep it from disrupting the love.

Another reason this beach is a great spot to go is because it is right next calangute beach. Calangute is the biggest beach in Goa and is filled with tourists and water sports. So when you’re ready to go some more of the casual things you won’t have far to walk before your overloaded with restaurants and exciting activities.

But if you want to experience all of Goa then you have to check out the nightlife. Going to club with your girlfriend normally would be a mood killer. Guys constantly hitting on her while girls are throwing herself at you, the jealousy starts kicking in and things get messy. And I would be lying if I said that won’t happen in Goa but Love Passion Karma has a lot more to offer then just a hookup.

Sweatin the nite out at this kicking place!! Loved the vibe!!

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In fact it’s probably the most romantic night club you could ever take a girl. The structure itself is something to behold, the inside has its own hand sculpted dance floor and the walls are embedded with faces. Its situated on the river so when the dancing becomes too much take her onto the balcony and admire the view.

After you’ve had your fill you can take out along the front for a romantic wander to spark the fire which by the time you get back to your hotel will be raging.

So if you want something romantic but casual then I wouldn’t look past Goa.You can still spend time with each other and find places to connect while at the same time being a place you can get out and have some fun.

There are romantic wonders and vibrant sunsets to heart pumping sports and exciting night clubs. Take your girlfriend here and I guarantee you some brownie points.


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